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Gigs & Performances


December 31st, 2017: Atlanta Symphony’s New Year’s Eve Concert

January 1st, 2018 – Present: Intown Community Church
performances for Sunday mass, Atlanta

January 8th, 2018 – Present: “Sounds of Southern Hospitality”

at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson Airport


January 20th, 2018: Private Event in Sandy Springs, Georgia


February 3rd, 2018: L.G.P.E. Bootcamp Instructor at Norcross High School


February 22nd – February 24th, 2018: Atlanta Symphony’s “Star Wars”


March 1st – March 3rd, 2018: Atlanta Symphony’s “Masterworks” Concert


April 1st, 2018: Duluth First United Methodist Church performance 

of Sunday mass, Georgia

April 6th, 2018: Private Event at “Cator Woolford Gardens”, Atlanta,


April 7th, 2018: Private Event at “Foxhall Resort”, Atlanta


April 12th – April 29th, 2018: “Atlanta Lyric Theatre” presentation of “Always Patsy Cline”

April 14th, 2018: Private Event at Foxhall Resort, Atlanta 


April 28th, 2018: Private Event at Park Tavern, Atlanta


April 28th, 2018: “The Whiskey Gentry” band performance

at Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta 


May 3rd, 2018: Netflix’s “Stranger Things” television-shoot, Norcross, Georgia


May 3rd, 2018: “The Dappled Grays” band performance at Capital City Club, Atlanta

May 5th, 2018 – Present: Peachtree Presbyterian

performances for Sunday mass, Atlanta


May 10th, 2018: “Real 2 Reel” Studio Recording

Session, Atlanta

May 11th, 2018: Private Event in Marietta, Georgia


May 25th – May 26th, 2018: “The Whiskey Gentry” performance

at the “Banjo-B-Cue Music Festival”, Augusta, Georgia


May 28th, 2018 – Present: “Songs for Kids”, supporting childhood

battles against chronic illnesses, at” Scottish Rite Children’s

Hospital” in Sandy Springs, Georgia


June 1st, 2018: “Sam French” Recording Session, Georgia


June 2nd, 2018: Private Event at “The Carl House”, Auburn, Georgia


June 2nd, 2018: “Sam French and Friends” performance at

“The Red Clay Theater”, Duluth, Georgia


June 8th, 2018: Private Event at “Chateau Elan”, Georgia


June 9th, 2018: Peachtree Presbyterian Pops Concert

with Mark Miller

June 23rd, 2018: “Broadway Dreams” Instructor in Marietta, Georgia

June 24th – October 2018: “Johns Creek Baptist” performances of Sunday mass


July 1st, 2018: Private Event at “Payne-Corley House” in Duluth


July 22nd, 2018: Gwinnett Church, Georgia

July 26th, 2018: “The Fox Theater” presentation of

“Kingdom Hearts Tour, Atlanta

July 28th, 2018: Private Event in Sandy Sprints, Georgia


August 4th, 2018: “Strand Theater” presentation of

“O’ Brother Where Art Thou Tribute” in Marietta

September 7th, 2018: Private Event at “Grand Hyatt” in Buckhead


September 8th, 2018: Private Estate Event in Auburn, Georgia


September 9th, 2018: A Ken Lambert recital of

“Cello Envy” in Duluth, Georgia

September 13th, 2018: Private Event at Primrose Cottage


September 20th, 2018: Private Event in Duluth, GA


September 27th, 2018“Real 2 Reel” studio recording session

of Bach Cello Suite, Atlanta

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